At Amy Zimmerman & Associates, our goal is to present candidates with the necessary experience, credentials and accomplishments to help our clients achieve their goals. We make that possible by asking our clients for specific information about the position they want to fill and the kind of employee they need to fill it.

Our online Employee Search Form will help us find the right candidates for you. Once you submit it, one of our representatives will call you to go over your answers. Your responses will form the basis for our online listing.

Our Fees
Our fees are based on one percent per $1000 of the annual starting salary. For example, if the starting salary is 20,000, there is a 20% fee of $4,000; if the starting salary is $25,000, there is a 25% fee of $6,250; if the starting salary is $30,000 or above, there is a 30% maximum fee. Our fees cap at 30%.

Our guarantee is based on how you pay. If you pay your invoice within 10 days, you get a 90-day guarantee; 15 days, a 45-day guarantee; or 30 days, a 30-day guarantee.

Temp to Hire Policy

Our temp to hire billing policy is based on the permanent placement fee divided out over the amount of hours that the employee remains on Amy Zimmerman and Associates' payroll, plus the employees' temporary bill rate. The temporary bill rate is based on the employees' salary, and includes employee taxes and insurance. For example:

    Admin. Asst. position salary $30,000
    Permanent placement fee $9,000
    Temp period 3 months= 480 hours
    $9,000/480= $18.75/hr
    Temporary bill rate based on $30,000 annual salary = $20.19
    Hourly temp to hire bill rate is $18.75 + $20.19 = $38.94/hr.

After completion of 480 hours the employee would then transfer to the hiring company's payroll with placement fee fully paid. You may choose to hire the employee before 480 hours by paying off the balance of the placement fee.


The Initiation Process

Once you have hired the right person, the last step is crucial! Get them off on the right foot. Use these strategies to welcome new hires and turn them into productive, motivated workers right from the start.

  • Have their business cards waiting for them when they show up. It is a great way of saying, "Welcome to the team, we were expecting you!"
  • Outfit the employee's workstation or cubicle. Make sure the computer is up and running all the appropriate software is ready loaded; stock the desk with office supplies; put a company directory and handbook in plain view. Extra touches: Buy new hires a day planner, and have it waiting for them or a company coffee mug.
  • Use the buddy system. Remember summer camp? Pick an employee with good communication skills and assign him or her to be the new hires "buddy." That person is in charge of showing the employee around, going to lunch with them the first few days, explaining the company hierarchy and culture and, most importantly, answering the many questions all new hires have.
  • Make time to meet with new hires, every day. At least for the first week, meet with new hires for 15 minutes at the end of every day. Make sure they are settling in, answer their questions, review their responsibilities and so on. Let new hires know you are behind them from the beginning.
  • Utilize a search firm. As part of our placement service, we contact the person we placed & their supervisor over an eight-week period to make sure everything is working. We offer that little bit of extra encouragement and support to guide and nurture new hires!

You will not worry about micromanaging if you give your employees the right tools they need to succeed up front. Monthly meetings will help monitor their knowledge and success, and provide a group setting to role-play.

Help Employees Succeed

1. Outline the new role. Make sure both you and the employee understand what his or her new role will be; get any initial questions doubts, or uncertainties out in the open right away.
2. Map out results. What do you expect the employee to do in the first 12 months? Write these expectations down and make sure you both understand them.
3. Set up timetables for success. Once you outline the results you want, establish timetables for achieving them.
4. Establish measurement methods. How will you tell if the employee is meeting the goals you have established? Make sure the employee knows how you will measure his or her work.
5. Create two-way communication channels. Let the employee know how you want to receive progress reports and feedback. Plan to meet regularly to go over the employee's progress and answer questions.

Online Job Search
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If you are a new client, please complete the Company Information Form below (you will only need to do this once.)

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Thank you for completing our online Company Information form. Your responses will form the basis for our online listings of all specific job openings at your company. Once you submit this form, your browser will display our Employee Search Submission Form, where you can provide details about the position you are trying to fill.

In the future, you can go directly to the Employee Search Form; you only need to submit your Company Information once.

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